Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What If meter gas is open?

Turning off the meter of gas is not the common thing, it does not occur often. Every member of the house should know the technique of turning off a gas meter to avoid uncertainty in case of emergency. In fact the area where you placed your connection should be checked properly at least once before going outside of the home.

Since ignorance can because of unpredicted harm, the gas meter area to be checked carefully. On the other hand there are many reasons can be count for turning off the gas meter including any cleaning of gas line, preventing possible storm damage.

Remember, if any situation occurs when you have doubt that gas is leaking out, turn off the gas valve inside the home as well as the valve which is positioned outside. Generally, this process should be done by professional or technician who is authorized for such work. But you cannot wait during emergencies; therefore it is necessary to get knowledge about the whole process of turning off the gas meter by the family members itself.

You can get knowledge from the professionals when they place the gas connection at your home, or ask at help line. Well, if you are not having any idea, so do not turn the valve back by yourself, call to company technician immediately.

  • If you are not aware with the method of shutting off the Gas meter, below furnished instruction can be helpful for you;
  • Gas meter can be sited inside or an outside of your home, so first of all turn off the main gas valve.
  • Usually, the gas valve is the first fixture on the gas supply pipeline coming out of the floor nearly the meter.
  • Turn the valve off just opposite to on position or diagonal to the pipe with the help of a wrench or any tool which fits in it.
  • Once the gas valve is turned off, do not try to turn it on and call to company professionals or technicians.

Here are some tips to avoid critical situation;
  • When you smell the gas, you should leave that area immediately and avoid the things which can create any spark.
  • All appliances which are related to light or spark such as heaters, power switches, should be turned off.
  • Furnace filters should be checked monthly.
  • Always clean the area where the meter is located.
  • Do not use any flammable material near the gas meter device or anything that can be a source of ignition.
  • Inspected your gas pipeline which connects any appliance carefully, if damage appears, should be repaired immediately.
  • Sometimes buried pipes non maintenance can be harmful, let it check by the professionals. If the pipe is metallic, there are chances for corrosion; you can get help for preventing it.

Safety is everyone’s priority; it can be maintained by keeping little precaution and still if you are unable to turn off the gas supply valve, you can call in your state emergency, call to your family member or friend so that they can help you out from the sudden situation.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pursuing Engineering Students

What should I do after Engineering?
 Many people ask this question, but after completing their engineering program. During engineering they don’t even think about it, they fully depend upon their college management or placement cell. But do you actually know that why have you opted Engineering to make career? Many of the students join just because of their family wish or by following others.
Every year, there are many companies go for campus selection and give the placement, but according to their prerequisite. They cannot select more than their required criteria. If they have 100 seats so they cannot select more than this, so what about remaining unselected students?
Every engineering student wants to become a successful Engineer! Do you ever think how to make it possible? Most of engineering students make their career beyond their qualification, which could have made by holding another subject degree too, so why spent money in engineering?
Here are some tips for engineering students who are not sure for their career or confused about further step after their graduation.
Have right branch chosen?

After admission, if you feel that I should have chosen another branch to study, it means you are still confused! Don’t worry; it usually happens when you don’t keep interest in the particular subject. In any branch there is one or more subjects get include, which may not be according to your interest. In this situation, if you face wisely you can step ahead towards success.
Sometimes you even can feel sleepy while reading such subjects, and try to start keep written lines in your mind as it is. Remember, this is not the solution to get good score in it. You can develop concentration by discussing to the friends and faculties or by making jingles and diagrams.
 Are you serious towards career?
If yes! So make a particular goal to hit in first year only. Set the two options (primary & secondary) to achieve, For example, if you targeted to get good score in GATE or other relevant examinations for public sector, unfortunately it does not fit according to your wish, then what? You cannot waste your time otherwise it would be a big breaker in your career path. In any aspect, you would have to walk with both positive and negative of situation.
Decide to take another path that is relevant to your engineering background and run on it. Do not worry about salary package, if it is less beyond your expectation, but it is good to get experienced. You can now get prepare for your primary object or further study along with your job. Always try to make your source of income first after graduation, and then fix your primary aim along with. Here are some fields; you can choose as secondary option;
Research & Development
Vendor development
Manufacturing and many more
If you want to make career in above additional fields, prepare yourself in relevant course-ware besides your engineering.
 Extra curriculum activity
Beyond study, there are many skills set which are required during interviewing. Make sure good command over English in verbal and written form. If you are lacking in, so do not get demotivate, there are four years of engineering study. To developing it you can build a habit to read English newspaper, English chats or talks with friends daily, you can also go for English audios. Be confident, do not hesitate speaking English in front of your friends no matter you speak right or wrong.
Try to establish group discussion on any subject, dress well and develop personality with good etiquette, try to look fresh and decent, participate in college programs, such activities will be definitely helpful to create a comfort level inside you and facing interview.
To get a job
Firstly, prepare your resume; you can get ideas online that, how to make effective curriculum vitae? Do not fully depend up on the campus. Remember, do not place your resume in any company from the beginning of your engineering, otherwise you will get a call from the employer and if you say that you are perusing, they will not make any call you again in further vacancy.

If you have three months left to complete graduation; drop your resume online  by mentioning that you are pursuing, but willing to face interview, if qualifies will be able to join after graduation. In that case you will get called from the selected companies. Do not send resume more than once in a company unless they make a call to you. Try to have offer letter before completing your engineering and join after it.
Do not waste your time by sitting free otherwise when you will be facing interview, after three to six months; interviewer will ask, If you were capable so why didn’t you get job on time?
Do not change your job frequently. If you join any organization, you should work with it at least for three years. It would show your reliability and stability in further applications.
For more guideline you can comments below; I am always ready to provide writing services, thanks for visiting.